25th - 28th May 2018


Festival fun at its best!! 

Our woodland camps were an absolute hit again this year. With far more people exploring the 'Into the Trees' area, we indulged in the buzz of the festival with many families spending time chilling, chatting, creating and crafting in the dappled shade of our woodland camp; capturing the rare breeze that blessed us with its presence. 

Mellow - that's how we described Sunday . A small group of children ventured in first, chilling in the woodland book corner before slinking into the hammocks to just take life easy. Gradually families filtered through the haze of the night before, gentle chatter, giggles and shared time; rushing was forgotten, time didn't matter  and the moment was experienced.

Monday morning came all too quickly, after a final festival night of fun and frolics, tidying our woodland camp brought the harsh reality that Elderflower Fields was over for another year. Leaving the woodland as if we had never been there, we bid our farewells to the trees, Pippingford Park and one another, before journeying home- already looking forward to being back in 2019