An ancient woodland of Oak, Ash,Beech,Hazel and Hornbeam, managed on a 7 year rotation, provides the stunning setting for Green Caterpillar's  site at Five Oaks, West Sussex. Over a period of 3 years, Green Caterpillar has built a close connection with this site and has been involved on occasion with the woodland management and conservation work that makes this site what it is today. 

This is an extremely accessible site with pressed stone pathways throughout. With its composting toilet designed to cater for wheelchair users, this really is an inclusive site for all seasons. 

To add to the enchantment of this woodland, a miniature steam railway meanders its way through one edge of the site. Only on occasion is it used, and oh how magical it is as it puffs and chugs its way through High Beech Station, ringing its bell to tell us it's on its way. This is a perfect site for woodland parties - both children and adults. For further information take a look at our Parties page.