Nurture Group

St. Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School

A lucky bunch of pupils at St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School, have been enjoying the great outdoors, on a weekly basis throughout the Autumn term. 

Referred by either the class teachers or the SENCO, the children were chosen as candidates for the weekly Nurture Group sessions. The Forest School ethos and the great outdoors are exactly what these children need, enabling them to build their self confidence and self-esteem in an outdoor, nurturing environment, where they are free to run and play, make and do or 'just be'.

The sessions, led by two qualified Forest School instructors and with only 6 to 8 attendees, have enabled the children to explore and discover, not only the natural world around them, but also to learn about themselves and develop on a personal level, through woodcraft skills, team building activities and free-play opportunities.

The age range - from KS1 through to the top end of KS2 has provided opportunities for the children to make new friends, provide encouragement, aspire and above all share a time in the week when the pressures and challenges of the classroom can be left indoors, forgotten for a while and the present moment embraced and enjoyed!