A free -roaming childhood deep in rural West Sussex, sparked Judy's passion to connect both children and adults with nature. 


Having been brought up on a farm, from a baby until teenage; where daylight hours were spent exploring and playing within  the acres of ancient woodland surrounding her home, Judy built a deep connection with nature from a very young age. 

Judy spent 12 years working as a Special Needs Assistant and Learning Mentor within a primary school , before training as a Forest School Leader. She established Green Caterpillar in 2012.

Green Caterpillar has delivered Forest School sessions and the John Muir Award to schools in West Sussex, whilst also offering holiday sessions and Woodland Camps at Festivals around the UK. The Covid Pandemic offered opportunities to branch out, explore and make new connections, supporting and collaborating with others to provide nature connection programmes and events within the corporate/adult world.

''Collaboration is at the heart of Green Caterpillar'' Judy says. ''It is really important to me to make connections. We are inherently sociable beings and working with people that share that same passion, creates amazing opportunities to both learn, share and 'just be'.  We can join others to create outdoor nature based opportunities, or we can bring a team together to create opportunities of our own.  

More recently Judy has supported at School of the Wild events throughout Sussex, London and the South East and is also a member of the team at the national award winning Bee in the Woods Nature Kindergarten, in Portslade. She has qualified as an assessor,  gaining an AVRA qualification, and is a member of Circle of Life Rediscovery's Forest School Leadership training team.